木と関わる仕事を選び、独立を志したとき…自分は一体、何をしたいのか? 作って売ればそれでいいのか?ふと疑問が湧いてきました。そんな時に燃やされそうになっている一本の古材と出会いました。


まだ使えるのに処分されてしまう現状…価値を知っていれば… 自分で創る楽しさを知っていれば… 無駄にせずにすんだ資源。

そんな現状を変えたいという想いからSUGITA SO-SAKUはスタートしました。

近年、「創る」というムーブメントが カタチを変えて熱を帯びてきています。

SUGITA SO-SAKUでは手工具を使った表情豊かな木の生活用品の販売。表現の幅が広がる手工具の展開、自由度の高いワークショップの実施をしております。


Enjoying Craft & Making

Woodworking is a vocation which involves an intimate working relationship with trees. This may be the reason why a few questions suddenly emerged in my mind when I made the decision to start my own woodworking studio.

What was it exactly that I wanted to achieve?
Was it okay to simply produce and sell goods?

During this time, I encountered an old piece of scrap wood material that was destined to be burned. The chestnut material had once been used inside a house, retiring to its present form after protecting the house’s residents for many long years, and was given new life as a bowl and spoon. It was in this moment that a vision of what I wanted to achieve began to emerge.

Our current reality is that many valuable resources are being routinely discarded, with many old materials simply disposed of, or fallen trees being burned without second thought. Sugita Sōsaku is founded in a desire to change such realities. Experiencing the joy of craft and making might allow us to better understand the true value of these resources, and prevent them from going to waste.

In recent years, the process of creation has changed in form, with many examples of craft fabrication gaining momentum. Whether an idea is realised into a tangible form through the art of digital fabri-cation, or a craft event allows you to create something in a relaxed environment like a music festival, we are moving into a period where everyone has the capacity to transform conception into reality. If this is the case… isn’t the greatest form of added value in having active participation in an object’s creation: in making something oneself?

At Sugita Sōsaku we handcraft household items created from timber materials that are rich in charac-ter. We focus on developing hand tools that broaden your scope of expression, and hold workshops with a high level of freedom to suit individual needs. We hope that our woodworking studio can help to take some humble steps in enhancing your appreciation of the environment we live in, and the everyday objects around us.